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Invasion Analysis

Behind what makes science fiction great.

Neptune Frost as Afrofuturism

Neptune Frost’ is often Lynchian, disconnected. Says Alondra Nelson of Afrofuturism: “Afrofuturism draws upon the feeling of alienation inherited from American blacks, which it sublimates. In this conception, certain elements of Afro-American culture (such as the transcendence of spirituals) are re-imagined and transposed into a new cosmic perspective, where the alienated become extraterrestrial.” This is,…

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It’s Time to Reexamine ‘The Orville’ in time for ‘New Horizons’ on Hulu

To understand ‘The Orville’s’ goals, we must first illuminate what ‘Star Trek’s’ were. While Star Wars valued escapism, Star Trek, and by extension Gene Roddenberry its creator, valued social progress. With time and age, I learned to appreciate the conversations that not only reflected theoretical world views, but often shared DNA with the world we…

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Villeneuve’s Dune: To Rue or Follow Through?- And What You Need to Know

Finally, after more than fifty years, the seminal adaptation for Frank Herbert’s grand-scale space opera, Dune, has arrived. We’ve already covered previously on the page the infamous David Lynch film from the 1980s. We’ve also covered a little-known miniseries from the turn of the millennium, as well as what had initially inspired Herbert to write…

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